Claudia Toia


Selected Work 🖍️ 

Barbican Cinema Trailer

Motion design for the Barbican Cinema new identity campaign
Role: Concept, Design

Longreads/Layout 1

 Role: Concept, Design

Longreads/Layout 2

Grayson Perry: Default Man 

‘Default Man is a satirical mini game that plays with the ideas of male stereotypes explored in the book. Players first act as Default Man, the archetypal manly persona, then as Tender Man, itself a stereotype of metrosexual character, overcoming different challenges to reach an elusive end goal. Intended as an exaggerated and tongue-in-cheek way to talk about Grayson’s everyday challenges, the game is a humorous way to talk about a big subject.’
It’s Nice That
Role: Concept, Strategy, UX

Science Museum Hackathon

Interactive timeline using the Science Museum’s API, conceived, designed and built with the help of a developer in the space of 24h during an on-site hackathon. This gamified solution solved the challenge of improving awareness of the museum’s extended collection, while giving visitors the chance to interact with items that are not usually on display. 
Role: Concept, Design

Pocket Penguins

The Pocket Penguins website was designed to showcase the simplicity and the quality of the books as objects. Mirroring the minimal design of the series, the website offers a clean reading experience for each title, utilising quotes and beautiful typography to hook the readers in. To better represent the books’ physicality we also included 3D renders with a 360º view.
Role: Concept, Photography Art Direction, Digital Design

Richard Dawkins 

Over 30 years ago, Richard Dawkins wrote a suite of computer programmes to demonstrate evolution in action. For the campaign, we brought Dawkins’ code back to life, making it available in the browser for the first time. The code was also used to generate unique covers for each of the three books Penguin re-issued, each copy featuring a unique biomorph, shell or wave pattern.

More than 10,000 uniquely desgined book covers have been printed in the first run. As part of the marketing campaign, the readers were also given the chance to design their own cover, and win a personalised copy with their name at the back.

“I’m spellbound by the fact that the Penguin computer wizards have managed to put a different random biomorph on every single jacket of both The Blind Watchmaker and Climbing Mount Improbable.” — Richard Dawkins
Role: Concept, Strategy, UX/UI Design

Little Black Classics

Version 2

Version 1

Brand Microsite for Penguin’s 80th anniversary, which included two iterations, designed a year apart. 

The first version was an iPod clicking wheel inspired interface which encouraged the user to flip through the list of 80 titles very swiftly. Shaking the phone allowed to user to land on a random title. 

For the second version, which included 46 more books, we revamped the interface with a bookshop layout, while retaining the original playfulness of the first website iteration.

Both versions aimed to facilitate title discoverability through unexpected list navigation. 

“This is how you sell books in the digital age”FastCo Design
Role: Concept, Strategy, Digital Design

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics 

A digital narrative that brings to life Carlo Rovelli’s bestselling book Seven Brief Lessons in Physics. The book, which explains our universe and the evolution of physics in seven short, simple lessons, has a striking cover. Using the same visual language, the website offers a unique interactive animation for each of the chapters. The animations allow readers to better understand the principles of physics through interactivity and short extracts narrated by the author himself.
Role: Concept, Strategy, Digital Design

Pelican Books Rebrand

Email redesign, part of the digital transformation and relaunch of the beloved Pelican Book series, which also included a D&AD winning read-in-the-browser website, social media and retail strategy.
Role: Strategy, Design

Russian Cinema Season

Motion type design for a cinema season trailer, inspired by the artistic forms of independence and defiance throughout Russia’s cycles of social upheaval.
Role: Design

Redefining Juliet

Campaign concept and design for a frank and gutsy retelling of a classic in which three actors share the role of Juliet, each owning Shakespeare’s heroine for themselves while challenging universal ideas of beauty and sexuality.
Role: Concept, Design

John Cale & London Contemporary Orchestra

Digital campaign design for the John Cale & London Contemporary Orchestra concert at the Barbican, March 2018.
Role: Campaign Design


Spec work for the MTV Instagram channel, created using JavaScript, for Kanye’s birthday. They got really excited about it, but someone somewhere said no.
Role: Concept, Design

Creative Mornings London

Promotional materials for the London chapter of Creative Mornings, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative communities.
Role: Design